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Out in New York City 8/1/14 (x)

Me and my famous friend taylor swift

I just got up and ready to go to the doctor and my side went from sharp pain to normal in like one second. What. The. Hell.

Help I can’t even stand up straight

I woke up with a sharp pain in my right side please for the love of donuts don’t let me have appendicitis

I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss. And a prince I’m hoping comes with this. 

Still laughing so hard that literally every girl I know refers to themselves as “gypsy” or “flower child”

My bro asked me if I would go to John Mayer in LA. Today is the day I stopped associating myself with Juan mare.

Also it’s called blaze pizza so if they’re marketing to ~teens~ they’re doing it so right

There is a new pizza place opening tomorrow and they’re giving away free pizza IM GOING FOR BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNER

josephsk asked: What if they'd told a bunch of teen singers "it's you! You have sole control of the soundtrack for the next hunger game movie!" But then when you show up to the studio they make you fight everyone else for it as a thematic link to the story


how do you know that wasn’t what happened..


TBT to when I thought I had to dress like this and be someone that made me uncomfortable. #itgetsbetterrrrrrr

I love you Hannah


i wish there wasn’t a stigma about doing things alone. you can’t go out to eat alone, you can’t see a movie alone, basically anything fun, you’re looked down on for doing alone and it’s so stupid you shouldn’t need other people to validate your decisions

Lady Gaga for Harper’s Bazaar